What Sets Us Apart?

We think our business is pretty special – here’s why!

Commitment to ethical fabrics: Many conventional fabrics, including Australian-grown cotton, have large ecological footprints, ethical issues and some are not biodegradable. Whilst all fabrics have positives and negatives, we have chosen carefully to source fabrics that are sustainable, biodegradable, cruelty-free, ethically produced and luxurious to the touch. We use organic cotton that is pure, untreated, undyed, chemical-free and Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified as 100% organic and produced by environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers. We also use bamboo sourced from an ethical and environmentally conscious Australian business. Bamboo is fast-growing, self-regenerating and requires no pesticides or fertilisers, making it a very sustainable crop. We pride ourselves on our environmentally and ethically superior fabrics.
Generous size: Our shrouds are designed to be incredibly luxurious in size to ensure complete coverage for a large range of people. There is ample fabric to allow the full ritual of securely wrapping and tucking that end-of-life doula Barb Ferguson refers to as ‘the eternal hug’.
Leakproof and highly absorbent liner: Our liners contain two layers of highly absorbent bamboo terry towelling, a layer of bioplastic (an environmentally sensitive plant-based film that is waterproof and 100% biodegradable) and backed with a layer of organic cotton. This liner provides peace of mind while still maintaining a commitment to the environment.
Oversized hood: Our design is not simply a standard “sheet” type shroud, it incorporates an oversized hood. The hood is designed to facilitate viewings and offer the sense of dressing of your loved one. The hood can also be beautifully embroidered when planning in advance.
Commitment to supporting Australian businesses: Our shrouds and accessories are made in Melbourne, Australia. This is important for several reasons:
A) we know the people involved are earning a living wage and not being exploited by international trade.
B) by reducing the distances travelled by our products we lower their carbon footprint.
C) the pandemic has put many livelihoods in jeopardy, we believe that by purchasing our goods and services from Australian businesses we can support the recovery of our economy.
Supporting working mothers: We are both working mothers and know how hard it can be to re-join the workforce after having babies. Many mothers opt to start businesses that allow them to work from home in order to spend more time with their children. We aim to support mothers running these small businesses in our local area wherever possible.