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You cannot reuse funeral products...but can they be pre-used?

Funeral products can be used in other ways, for other reasons.  We can live with our future coffin and use it practically in our homes, we just need to work past the stigma surrounding death and death related products and, well maybe get a bit creative!

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Some of the Mums Behind Heaven and Earth Eco Burial Products

We are both mums and we love collaborating with other local mothers! It is great to have associates that understand the chaos, challenges and funnies that arise when working around young children. This blog celebrates a few fabulous women we have been working with intensively to get our business off the ground.

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Who we are, our ethos and our reason for taking a deep dive into the death profession

The co-directors of Heaven and Earth Eco Burial Products are Melbournian sisters, Tamsin Ramone and myself, Alyssa Wormald. Our shared passion for environmentalism, social justice and animal welfare inspired our green burials business.

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