How to wrap and carry a shroud

by | Jun 5, 2023

How to Wrap and Carry:

Shrouding has been the way of gently preparing loved ones for their final resting place for thousands of years. Traditionally, female family members and trusted women in the community would prepare the shroud and cleanse and lay out the deceased in the home, surrounded by supportive loved ones. Whilst shrouding remains widespread in many cultures, it has declined in the West in response to trends favouring elaborate coffins and caskets.

However, coffins and caskets come with a price which is not just financial. They are constructed from timber that is often sourced from old growth forests, shipped from distant countries and include toxic and non-biodegradable components. Consequently, their adverse ecological impact is significant. 

Our shrouds are sustainable, affordable and locally made in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our design incorporates an oversized hood which folds back for viewing and can be embroidered with motifs or meaningful words. The shrouds are a generous size and suitable for most adults. The ties used to secure the shroud around the body are thick and can be customised with our range of patterned and plain options.

How to Wrap a Shroud:

  1. Our shrouds come in a bag made from the same sustainable materials as the shroud; inside is a shroud, an absorbent liner and three ties.
  2. Remove all the items from the bag.
  3. Lay ties out flat, bearing in mind they will need to be tied around the shoulders, hips and ankles of the person.
  4. Lay out shroud on top of ties.
  5. Make sure absorbent liner is positioned in the centre, laying flat with terry facing up.
  6. Place person on to shroud.
  7. Fold right hand side over and tuck under the body if necessary.
  8. Fold up the bottom over the feet.
  9. At this point you may choose to fold down the hood so it will be tucked into the shroud.
  10. Fold over the left-hand side and tuck in around the body if necessary.
  11. If you did not fold the hood down it can be done at this stage, especially if the hood is embroidered.
  12. Tie up the ties securely around the body.
How to wrap a burial shroud

How to Use the Carrier:

Under Australian law shrouds must have a solid backing for carrying and lowering into the grave. We have designed an innovative cotton carrier that is non-obtrusive and sturdy.  

  1. Lay out ties flat
  2. Place carrier on top of the ties leaving the handles out
  3. Lay out the shroud over top of the carrier and wrap it according to the above instructions.
  4. Tie up ties around the carrier and the shroud to secure them together.
  5. Lift shroud and carrier by all six handles to achieve a secure and balanced experience.
How to use a burial Shroud Carrier

By Tamsin Ramone