End of Life Professionals who Support Green Burials

by | Jun 4, 2023

When a loved one dies it is overwhelming.  There is so much to organise, family and friends to contact, navigating your grief and on top of this, aspects of life still continues; the dishes still need to be done, the dogs walked and the floors swept.  It is understandable that at this time it is just too difficult to advocate for the green burial you or your loved one had been wanting.  It is comforting to have a professional take away the complications and make arrangements on your behalf.  

Unfortunately as green burials are relatively uncommon in Australia they are an unknown for many end of life professionals who may resist this choice in favour of one to which they are more accustomed. This in itself is not a bad thing, they want to do their best for their clients and change simply takes time and advocacy.

Your best option then is to find professionals who support the natural death movement and can faciliate a green burial.  It is important to remember that even if the body has been collected by a funeral home you are under no obligation to proceed with that provider and can have your person transferred to a different funeral professional. “Shopping around” may seem daunting as usually it would involve many phone calls to determine which companies would truly support this choice and see your wishes honoured.  To help you navigate this particular minefield we have produced this list of professionals (listed alphabetically) that we have connected with who not only support green burials but will accept or stock our exceptionally ecologically friendly, Australian made products.  This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a starting point for those looking for a green burial.

Funeral homes:

  • Become Funerals

Dandenong South

1800 846 326


  • Greenhaven Funerals

Dandenong South

9569 0534


  • Last Hurrah Funerals


0417 164 065


  • Lonergan and Raven Funerals

Cliffton Hill

9489 8711


  • Natural Grace Funerals


1300 008 037


  • Oakdale Funerals


0423 009 836


End of Life Doulas:

  • Doula Barb – Life Options

Barb Furgerson


0419 545 093


  • Grace and Gratitude

Sandra Kay


0413 791 191


  • Supporting Your Way

Suzanne Beattie-Johnson 


0428 638 988



  • This Moment Here



0415 585 454


If you are an end of life professional and would like to be added please contact me at tamsin@heburials.com.au and will endeavour to amend the list!

By Tamsin Ramone