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End of Life Professionals who Support Green Burials

It can be overwhelming to organise a funeral and burial for a loved one, especially if they specifically wanted a green burial and you felt as though you did not know where to begin.  This blog post is to help guide you towards funeral professionals who understand and can facilitate a green burials, it is not an exhaustive list but a place to start.

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Cremation and its Environmental Concerns

We recently attended a webinar by the Natural Death Advocacy Network (NDAN) featuring Warren Roberts (the founder of Living Legacy Forests) and Bob Jenkins (the founder of Let Your Love Grow), and I realised just how little is known about the true effects of cremation on the environment.

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Why We Choose To Use Organic Cotton

Cotton is often seen as an environmental fabric, however with the amount of toxic chemicals, pesticides and water that is used to produce cotton in Australia is causing untold damage to the earth. We asked our suppliers, Organature, to share this blog with our customers to help explain the great ecological benefits of organic cotton farming. Thank you Organature!

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